For a sustainable repair of the front end auxiliary drive

No half measures for repairs

Air conditioning, power steering pump, water pump, start-stop system: due to technologically more and more complex components, the front end auxiliary drive in modern vehicles is under extreme stress. In addition, the forces and vibrations to be transmitted increase – and thus increase the possible wear. However, replacing a defective component usually only helps in the short-term. This is due to the fact that often the real reason for the damage lies with another component, which is very difficult to diagnose. If, for example, the clamping arm breaks, the cause may be a worn torsional vibration damper, or an overrunning alternator pulley that is no longer intact. If the real reason of the damage is not eliminated, the same damage can occur again after a short time. Therefore, in case of repair, it is always recommended to replace all relevant components of the front end auxiliary drive in one go. Thus, possible consequential damages and a renewed visit to the garage are excluded.

The INA FEAD KIT offers safety

For the spare parts market, Schaeffler combines all necessary spare parts, vehicle-specific to provide optimum repair solutions and, of course, in the usual OEM quality.

The INA FEAD KIT contains exactly the components that manufacturers and Schaeffler recommend for optimum repair in front end auxiliary drive. The composition of the INA FEAD KITs is based on analyses of the individual load situation of the respective front end auxiliary drive. Thus, the KIT gives a clear repair recommendation as to which highly stressed components in the car should be replaced.


Individually assembled

The components of the INA FEAD KIT are:
  • Tensioner pulley

  • Idler pulley

  • V-ribbed belt

  • Diagram of the vehicle-specific belt routing

Optionally, depending on the vehicle type, further components complement the KITs:
  • Overrunning alternator pulley (OAP)

  • Crankshaft vibration damper

  • Water pump

  • Accessories (e.g. screws)

This individual compilation of spare parts saves the garage valuable time in the search for the necessary components for the respective car and gives the mechanic additional security during installation.

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